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We are proud to be part of The Acme Foundation's enterprise and support for qualified low income senior citizens and the disabled in Lake County for the treatment of their seriously ill pets.

Due to limited funds The Acme Foundation works with CVC only. The pet must receive treatment by a Clearlake Veterinary Clinic veterinarian to potentially qualify for an Acme Foundation grant. 

If the pet is diagnosed as seriously ill, has a good prognosis of survival by a CVC veterinarian, and the pet owner is considered by The Acme Foundation's guidelines then an Acme Foundation application can be completed and submitted, at Clearlake Veterinary Clinic.

100% of all net proceeds that The Acme Foundation has raised are awarded to qualified grant recipients. 

Assorted See's

We offer See's candy for sale at CVC!

If you are here with your pet and would like to satisfy your sweet tooth, ask about what we have available for sale!

The Acme Foundation's 22nd annual fundraising event is coming to you! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the annual fundraising event for The Acme Foundation needed to be adapted for fundraising efforts and social distancing protocols. The Acme Foundation now lets you order sweet deal's through their See's Candy Store! Click the image below  for ordering.

See's Candy

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