Found Animals

If you find an animal in Lake County please be aware of this protocol:

If found in Clearlake contact Clearlake Animal Control at 707-994-8251 ext 118 (Police Department)

If found in Lake County outside of Clearlake call Lake County Animal Care & Control at 707-263-0278

If you encounter an injured animal you must follow the protocol of animal control. If you are instructed to bring the animal to Clearlake Veterinary Clinic by animal control they will call us to discuss the situation. If you cannot get a hold of animal control and you bring it to the Clearlake Veterinary Clinic (on your own) we will contact animal control for authorization of that animal's care. Any injured stray pet brought to Clearlake Veterinary Clinic for treatment is the responsibility of animal control and all conversations, updates and or donations toward that pet must go through animal control.

Animal control and Clearlake Veterinary Clinic have an agreement, on a case to case basis, of what will be done by the veterinarian to treat the patient. This decision is between animal control and the veterinarian.

If you are the owner of the pet brought to Clearlake Veterinary Clinic please contact animal control. They will then contact us to take the next steps. If you show up at Clearlake Veterinary Clinic to ID your pet, animal control will be contacted. No animal, coming in thru animal control, can be released without animal control authorization. It is illegal to pose as the owner of a pet if you are not the owner to get information about the pet.

Once animal control has taken the pet into their custody they have a holding period before the animal is available for adoption. Adoption discussions need to be with animal control and not Clearlake Veterinary Clinic.

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