Meet Our Staff


Meet Our Staff!

  • Justine Merrill
    Office Manager

    Justine Merrill- Office Manager.:  Justine has been an outstanding team member with Clearlake Veterinary Clinic since 2004. She is especially interested in education and knowledge about overall animal health and maintenance. Justine shares her life with her husband, dog, and 4 cats that are considered her kids. Her hobbies include photography and attending and producing local live band shows.

  • Claudine T

    Claudine - Receptionist:   A member of the Clearlake Veterinary Clinic team since 2003, Claudine grew up in Marin County and moved to Lake County about 20 years ago.  Wildlife is a special interest for Claudine and she fostered her first orphaned chipmunk in 2011.  She is really looking forward to assisting more orphans as the need arises.  The 4 family cats share the house with her and her husband, Jamie. The home and family security are entrusted to Kita, the best guard dog ever!

  • Christina F

    Christina - Receptionist: Christina rejoined the Clearlake Vet Clinic team in 2013. She grew up in Clearlake, graduated from LLHS, and was a Kennel Assistant here at CVC from 2001 to 2005. She has an Associates Degree in Medical Transcript that helps a great deal with chart keeping. She speaks some Spanish and plans to further her knowledge of the language. Christina has 3 cats, 2 dogs, one fiance, and 3 human children. Christina enjoys barbecuing with friends and family, taking day trips with her family, and cooking; including homemade fudge. 

  • Karen D

    Karen - Receptionist: Karen joined Clearlake Vet Clinic in 2016. Karen came to us after she was living in Sebastopol and worked with a veterinary hospital for 13 years. She also volunteered with the Bird Rescue Center in Santa Rosa handling raptors as well as educating the public/school children on birds. Karen married a Lake County man in 2008 and moved to Lower Lake 7 years later. Her interests include birdwatching, gardening, road trips, and reading. Karen and her husband live on 8 acres with 2 dogs & 4 cats. They have planted hundreds of trees and shrubs and have sheep to keep the grass trimmed!

  • Micki A

    Micki - Receptionist: Micki joined the Clearlake Veterinary Team in September of 2020. Micki grew up with a passion for animal rescue and care. She shares her life with her kids and fur kids. Micki loves being part of the CVC team and she brings her positive outlook with her to keep the rest of the team laughing. Micki enjoys video games and spending time with family on her days off.

  • Tiffany R
    Vet. Asst

    Tiffany - Vet Asst.: Joining the team at Clearlake Veterinary Clinic in 2007. Tiffany's special interest is training and working with horses. Her particular interest is assisting mares when they are foaling. With a love of the outdoors Tiffany loves to hike, fish, shoot and trail ride. When she isn't enjoying the outdoors she loves to sketch/draw.

  • Alanna B
    Lead Kennel Assistant/ Vet Asst.

    Alanna - Lead Kennel Assistant/ Vet Asst:  Alanna joined the team at Clearlake Veterinary Clinic in 2007. She graduated from Lower Lake High School.  With a broad interest in animals, Alanna brings passion to the team of dedicated professionals.  Among her many interests she especially enjoys scrapbooking, walks with Dexter & Buddy and spending quality time with family and friends.

  • Natalie R
    Vet Asst.

    Natalie - Vet Asst.: Natalie has been part of the Clearlake Veterinary Team since September 2018. She enrolled in classes to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. Natalie has an overall love for the veterinary field and looks forward to continuing her education and knowledge with Clearlake Vet Clinic. She shares her life with her dog, two cats, and a horse. On her days off her interests include horseback riding, hiking, camping, and knitting. 

  • Genevieve R
    Vet Asst.

    Genevieve - Vet Asst.: Genevieve rejoined the Clearlake Veterinary Team in March of 2020. Genevieve has enjoyed working with the Clearlake Veterinary Clinic and has a special connection with our feline friends. She shares her life with her many fur kids and her fiance. On her days off she likes to garden, be outdoors with friends, and relax while painting. 

  • Elizabeth C
    Vet Asst.

    Elizabeth - Vet Asst.: Elizabeth has been working with the Clearlake Veterinary Clinic since November of 2018. She will be graduating soon with an Associates in Natural Science and an Associates in Mathematics. Her future education goals will be in radiology. Her hobbies include enjoying the weather hiking and photography. She shares her home life with her 2 dogs.

  • Rayne R
    Vet Asst.

    Rayne - Vet Asst.: Rayne joined the Clearlake Veterinary Team in July of 2020. Rayne started working with CVC as a kennel assistant and quickly worked her way to a veterinary assistant. Rayne is currently enrolled in college courses to become a Veterinarian. On her days off she likes to hang out with friends, travel out of the county, and relax with her boyfriend.

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